AGROVIDA CIDERS CHILE is a company created in the Maule VII Region, Chile. Our intention was to unite the winemaking expertise in that area, with the luxury raw material from the south of Chile, to produce quality sparkling apple cider. Our goal is to introduce this traditionally southern drink to the rest of the country and extend, why not, its consumption beyond our borders, thus making a sort of “peaceful conquest” and bringing the flavours and magical landscapes where it originated to faraway places.

For this reason, we have installed a plant in the heart of Region de Los Lagos, seeking special cider apples which grow naturally with only rain and sun, no chemicals added. We have formed a team of professionals and technical experts that provide modern scientific knowledge to this long southern tradition.

We know that Chile is one of the most important apple producers in the world but perhaps few know that in the south there still survive unique varieties that have disappeared in much of the world. This makes us an invaluable source of this treasure that even our neighbours don’t have.

The fruits of our Patagonia are appreciated all over the world especially for their quality, they are natural and they are sought after for gourmet dishes.

Varieties similar to those of our southern ones have made Spain, France and England giant cider producers and consumers. Especially in England where there are factories that manage to produce 40 million litres per year and consumption exceeds 9 litres per capita on average.


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